Support H2O Church

How we handle money at H2O Church:

  1. We give people an opportunity to make tax-deductible contributions to H2O Church.

    We believe that followers of Jesus should support Churches and ministries that they see doing the work of Jesus in this world. Churches and ministries should never try to ‘manipulate’ or ‘coerce’ money out of people. Giving to the work of Jesus is intended to be an act done quietly, peacefully and with joy.

  2. H2O Church is structured to have VERY low operational cost.

    We intentionally spend our money wisely so that we can have as much money as possible on giving back to the community. We accomplish this by ‘doing without’ expensive items that tend to drain standard church finances. We don’t spend big $$ on sound systems, decor items, utilities, mortgages, marketing or unnecessary equipment. We do spend $$ on community events, movies in the park, random acts of kindness, serving people and showing the love of Jesus in ‘real-life’ practical ways.

  3. We are accountable in the spending of our finances.

    H2O Church finances are overseen by a board of directors consisting of men and women who have dedicated themselves to serving God and fulfilling the mission of H2O Church.