Experience The Bible

Online Bible Sites

  • New English Translation (NET) Bible : Great Bible translation and online resource. This online Bible’s greatest strength is the easy access to the original language words and definitions.

  • Great Bible translations: NIV, NASB, RSV and more.

  • BibleGateway.com: Great resource to easily access many versions of the Bible. Easy to search and easy to use.

Online Study Materials

  • Bible Project: The Bible Project produces high quality videos that teach the Bible in a way that is easy to understand. Link: Bible Project

Phone App

Need A Bible?

  • Owning & reading a physical, paper Bible that you can easily read & understand is very important.

  • Bible Apps are great, but a physical Bible will never run out of battery or be subject to a good internet connection.

  • If you need a Bible, please email info@h2oillinois.com or visit H2O Church during regular service times: Saturday 5-6pm; Sunday 10:00 - 11:30am.

  • Churches come in all shapes & sizes.

  • H2O Church is just one of many good churches in the Carpentersville area.

  • Find a church that is focused primarily on solid teaching that is heavy in Bible reading & reference & attend regularly.

  • Avoid churches that put the ‘show’ in front of solid Bible teaching.

Attend A Bible-Believing Church