New To H2O Church

Visiting a new church can be STRESSFUL. Here are some things to help acquaint you with H2O.


Where To Park?


Our church has a small parking lot that has easy access for handicapped parking and parking for families with small children. There is plenty of street parking all around the building. You are free to use any of the spaces marked in red on the map.


What To Wear?

Wear whatever makes you comfortable. Jeans/shorts and a t-shirt or ‘business casual’…whichever you prefer. It is a casual environment where we want you to feel like you are hanging out with friends and family. And, the Pastor will wear a ‘… more cowbell’ t-shirt every so often.


What Does A Service Look Like?

H2O Church services are contemporary. Services typically begin with a short devotional message and an opening song. After an announcement time, we spend about 30 minutes on a Biblically focused message. After that, we typically close with a time of singing worship songs before dismissing. The service is usually an hour and 30 minutes long.


How Big Is The Church?

H2O Church is a smaller church with a family and friends atmosphere. Our goal is not to become a mega church. We believe there is a need and a desire on the part of many in the community to be part of a healthy, smaller church. As we grow larger, we have long-term plans to launch a new local church with it’s own leadership team out of H2O so that we can maintain the small, healthy church atmosphere. Bigger is not always better.


Is H2O Church Part of A Denomination?

Nope. H2O Church is not affiliated with any denomination or association of churches. We are an independent, Bible-focused, community church.