What We Believe


Our Motto is simple…“Live Jesus, Love People”

‘Love the Lord God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence and energy.’ AND… ‘Love others as well as you love yourself.’ (Mark 12:28-31 NLT)


Our Beliefs – the Core Principles

  • The Bible is the source of all truth and is inspired by God. It is the instruction book that teaches us who God is and what His plan is for us.

  • Jesus is the One and only Son of God. He was God in human flesh, sent to earth to live a sinless life and die for our sins.

  • There is one true God, who has made Himself know to us through God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit.

  • All women and men have sinned.  That sin has put a barrier between them and God that can’t be bridged through any ‘good works’ or ‘good living’.

  • Sin, the barrier between God and humans, can be forgiven only one way, through faith in and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Salvation is found through a faith in Jesus Christ alone.

  • The Holy Spirit desires to fill believers with boldness and power to share Jesus with their world.  This can be experienced through prayer and living as a disciple of Jesus.

  • As followers of Jesus, we are instructed to go into our world to live and demonstrate Jesus and to teach everyone we meet to live for Him.

  • A church is not a building, but a group of people gathered together to live for and worship Jesus. Therefore, wherever we meet to worship and focus on Jesus, it is a Church.